Eye In The Sky Helps Bring Stolen Tractor Trailer Home Safe

GPS-Outfitted Big Rig Recovered in No Time

Some bandits in Bradford stole the wrong high tech big rig. Just before 6:00 last evening, South Simcoe Police were contacted about a stolen tractor trailer by the vehicle’s owners. The truck had been outfitted with a GPS transponder, and was easily tracked to the 10th Sideroad. Police went to stop the truck, but say a nearby van impeded their progress. Officers were able to pull the van over and arrest the driver. By the time police got to the stolen truck, they say their suspect fled on foot. He was tracked down in no time. Two men were also apprehended at the scene of the truck theft, and all four individuals from the GTA will face a mix of Theft and Obstructing Police charges in court.