Fake Keanu Reeves Cons Ontario Woman Out Of Almost $3000

She thought the real Keanu need her help!

A Woman from Hamilton, Ontario was scammed into giving almost $3000 to a fake Keanu Reeves.

Police say that a woman had been communicating with a man on twitter who said he was Keanu Reeves. The fake Keanu told the woman that he was stuck in Turkey on a movie set and could not access his money to get home as the Turkish Government was withholding access to his bank accounts.

The victim was asked to withdraw $2700 and wire it to the man via the Western Union. Police say that the Western Union tried to tell the woman that she was being taken, but the woman did not listen. Her own bank even told her that she was being defrauded, but the woman insisted that her money is released and sent. Once the woman did realize she was defrauded she than contacted police…