Falling Asleep In 2 Minutes? This Dream Can Be A Reality With This Trick

This Method Has Saved Me Countless Sleepless Hours

Ok so the title seems a little clickbait-y but honestly this trick really does work.

I clicked on the original story to see what their trick was, turned out I was already doing what their suggesting just with my own words. Yesssss!

Ok, so they are suggesting that you start from head to toe on relaxing your body. Letting your face and jaw go slack, then moving down doing this to all your limbs and various parts until you get to your toes.

Then for you brain.. the part that usually hinders peaceful sleep, you learn to clear it so it can go into proper sleep mode.

If you’ve ever had a hard time falling asleep, try this… or at least read it so you’ll know this trick when that time does come for you!