Fan Theory About ‘Stranger Things’ And ‘It’ Connection Actually Makes Sense

No Spoilers, We Promise

There are usually a lot of crazy fan theories that come along with shows as popular as Stranger Things, but one fan theory that surfaced over the weekend could actually be true.

Those of you who are at the very least a couple episodes into the second season two of Stranger Things might have been put off one of the show’s new characters, Bob, Joyce Byers’ nerdy new boyfriend. Played by Sean Astin (who will always be Sam from Lord of the Rings to me) for the most part, is a bit of a laughing stock, playing the archetypal cringe-worthy, innocent newby (literally).

But it’s his backstory that reveals a potentially much darker past. As the fan theory account tweeted, his background might indicate that Bob was one of Pennywise’s surviving victims from Stephen King’s It world.

There are two facts that back up this theory. In episode two “Trick or Treat, Freak,” Bob talks about moving back to Maine where he grew up, with Joyce. Maine is the same state that It takes place in. The second, and more damning point comes from episode three “The Pollywog.” Bob offers Will advice in the car driving to school, suggesting he try telling his demons to “go away.”

He tells will of a clown that would haunt him relentlessly as a kid in his dreams. He said the eventually told the clown to go away and it never came back. It’s possible that his dreams were real but he just convinced himself as a kid that they were nothing more than nightmares.


If Bob really was one of Pennywise’s victims, it could explain why he doesn’t like scary movies, as he told Will and Jonathan in episode one “Madmax.”

This wouldn’t be entirely surprising as The Duffer Brothers practically made Stranger Things as an homage to Stephen King, and filled their show with a ton of other references to his work. If you spot any more, let us know and write them in the comments!