Fans Are Shocked To Find Out That James Corden Isn’t Driving During Car-Pool Karaoke!

Distracted driving is dangerous!

While filming the latest Car pool karaoke segment in LA, a person posted to twitter James being pulling by a truck…

This isn’t uncommon in the movies or TV, to portray actors as if they are driving when they actually aren’t.

The segment taped earlier this week, and he was singing with Justin Bieber in his Range Rover, but despite James appearance of driving- he’s not.

Expressing his shock, the Twitter user wrote: ‘Saw James Corden and Justin Bieber filming carpool karaoke and this is why I have trust issues — he isn’t even driving!’

Many fans and people on social media appear to be upset by this, with one user saying that they now feel betrayed.

Don’t sing and Drive!