Father’s Day Gifts Only a Dad Would Love

Nope, this is not a joke. Just in time for Father's Day...

So Dad say’s he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day? Well if he won’t help you, I will.


  • FridaBalls underwear aims to prevent the pain that comes from a swift elbow or foot from flailing kids. Ideal for those toddlers who’re the perfect height to unintentionally drop Dad to one knee with an accidental blow to the jewels.
  • The world’s first kid-proof underwear is available for pre-order for $28.

Toilet Golf Putter Practice

  • Available through Amazon for only $16.99
  • Take it from this Dad, this will be a hit.
  • Tip: Don’t share Dad’s putter.

Cell Phone Clips

  • To officially attain “Dad Status” your pop’s must have his cell fastened to his pants.
  • Us Dad’s want convenience, plus you can whip out your phone quicker than Wyatt Earp in the wild west.
  • Prices start at $10

The Most Popular Dad Shoe

  • Why do Dad’s all wear this shoe? Because it goes with anything
  • Dad can pull these off with dress pants, jeans, shorts and track pants
  • This gift is a win

Dad License Plate Holder

  • Sure, you could get him a Super Dad t-shirt but you can’t attach that to pop’s car
  • Your Dad washes his car even when it’s clean, which is why he’ll proudly display this plate holder
  • Less than $20 and shopping is done