Feeling Constirated Is A Real Thing.

Pay attention to your gut! If it's not happy, you won't be either!

Mashing words together to describe your mood is a trend that’s been catching on lately.  Like when you’re hangry- You’re hungry and angry.

Now being constirated is the new feeling for being both plunged up and irate! 

When you struggle to maintain regular toilet time, its natural that you start to feel grumpy!  And there is science behind this (no pun intended)

A significant portion of the body’s serotonin – known as the happy hormone – is produced in the gut. So when your bowel movements are off kilter, your mood will be too.

‘If your gut is unhappy, it’s likely to affect your overall wellbeing too, physically and mentally says Dr. Gill Hart, a biochemist at York Test Laboratories. 

It’s natural to feel pretty relieved and satisfied after a trip to the toilet!  ‘Researchers now realize that we have a ‘gut brain’ that produces neurotransmitters that directly influence our emotional state.