Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty In College Admissions Cheating Scam

Money can't help her now.

Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty to the cheating charges involving college applications. Felicity and about another dozen other parents have agreed to plead guilty to the college admissions cheating scam.

The guilty pleas include rigging standardize test scores and bribing coaches at prestigious colleges to get their kids in. A couple colleges involved include Yale and Georgetown!  Huffman was accused of paying a consultant $15,000 to disguise it as a charitable donation to boost her daughter Sophia’s SAT score.  No word on if she will face jail time yet.  That being said, Felicity Huffman’s upcoming movie on Netflix has been moved.  

The streaming service said Monday that “Otherhood” will not be released April 26 with a date to be determined. The romantic comedy stars Huffman, Patricia Arquette and Angela Bassett.