Female Urinals! Cutting Down On Women’s Peeing Time!

How great would this be on a golf course!

The Hong Kong Toilet Association, yes; there is such a thing, says rather than new cubicles, women’s urinals may be the answer.

In order to help the city combat the long waiting times faced by women trying to access public bathrooms, an industry group is proposing specialty urinals designed for women.

The association says this could cut down on peeing time to just 1.5 minutes compared to the average two to three minutes it usually takes women using stalls. 

Cubicles in women’s public washrooms take up more space and there are usually fewer available compared to the men’s room.  Currently there are only 1 stall for 1.3 urinals available in mens washrooms. 

Having said all this, the group has created disposable paper urine funnels to help women aim accurately and there is even a shelf above for you to put your bag. 

In Germany and France, female urinals are available in temporary lavatories at events such as music festivals.