Festive R.I.D.E Already Catching Impaired Drivers

Two People Caught for Impaired Driving Yesterday

As the Festive R.I.D.E. program launches in an effort to stop impaired driving, officers have been kept busy.

Yesterday officers conducted spot checks in Innisfil.

Police say they stopped a 62 year old Innisfil man around 7:30 p.m. and quickly determined he was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested for Impaired Driving and given a breathalyzer test which they say he failed. His license has been suspended for 90 days and his vehicle has been impounded.

Later yesterday evening, officers say they stopped a 70 year old Innisfil woman on Jans Blvd in Alcona. Officers say they detected alcohol on her breath and that she failed a roadside screening test. She has also had her license suspended for 90 days and her vehicle impounded.

They will both be appearing in Court on December 7th.

The enhanced Festive R.I.D.E. campaign will continue until January.