Film Festival Is Sending Someone To A Remote Swedish Island To Watch 60 Movies In One Week

Could you do it?

The Göteborg Film Festival is exploring its 2021 theme: ‘Social Distances’


Göteborg Film Festival wants to send one person to an “Isolated Cinema” on a remote Swedish lighthouse island for seven days this month — but there’s a catch.


That person will be totally isolated, without even their phone. What they will have are 60 films to watch during their week on the island.


“Isolated Cinema” is just one way the film festival is exploring its theme: “Social Distances.”


According to the website, anyone can apply to attend “Isolated Cinema,” but only one person will be chosen. During the week that he or she is on Pater Noster, the person will have to “provide a [daily] report about the films and the experience of being alone on an isolated rock in a vast sea,” the website says.


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