Ok. So I was Totally Wrong About That!

But, I'm not the only one who thought it, right?

You know how sometimes, you come to a quick conclusion about something and then never think about it again? Sometimes, years later, you find out, you were wrong! This happens a lot when you’re very young. Some people call it “kid logic.”

Here’s an example from when I was a little kid: I thought my mother was giving us “popcorn money” when we received our allowance. This is because she called it “pocket money” and I misheard but, it made sense to me as a 5 year old that I would use the money to buy popcorn so….

Here’s one from when I was older. My mother recently asked me to give her the ‘cane vinegar’.

I said “What’s that?”

“You know… white vinegar.”

“Why did you call it cane vinegar? ”

“Because it’s make from sugar cane”

“Wait… what?!?! I though it was made from… vegetables or something…. I mean… look at the label…”

In that moment, as my mother and husband laughed heartily, I actually thought through the assumption I had made years before, an assumption or conclusion that I was hardly even aware I had made. I realised it made very little sense.

Moral of the story? Maybe some of the things we take for granted to be a certain way or to be true, are not. We just haven’t thought them through.

But also, please tell me I’m not the only one who thought white vinegar was made from old rotted vegetable scraps!