Fire Prevention Week – Focus On Smoke Alarms

Do You Have One In Every Bedroom?

Hear The Beep Where You Sleep is the slogan for Fire Prevention Week which began at the weekend. The focus this week on smoke alarms. In the first of a series of special reports this week on fire safety and prevention Clearview Fire Chief Colin Shewell says it’s not enough to have a smoke alarm on every floor of your home, he says the need to be installed in every bedroom as well, since many people sleep with the door closed. Not only that, but many people – despite being advised not to – still smoke in their bedrooms. Electronics are also an issue in the bedroom, with the number of electronic devices we have plugged in.
Day Two Orillia Fire Prevention Officers David Baker and Terry Duff point out that students are just as responsible as their landlords for ensuring working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in student residences. They also point out that student lifestyles can lead to fires. Parties, in general, are a problem with people’s minds being drawn away from regular activities – not paying attention to people who are smoking and where they discard their butts, people who have been drinking and all of a sudden want to cook something but become distracted in the process.