Firefighters Taking Special Consideration to Beat The Heat and a Fire At The Same Time

Vespra Valley Road Home Was a Total Loss

A fire in Springwater destroyed a Vespra Valley Road home but was an especially difficult battle for local fire crews. The call came in after the lunch hour Sunday, with Springwater fire fighters working in shifts due to the heat and humidity yesterday. “We had Simcoe County paramedics on scene.” Springwater’s Deputy Fire Chief Jeff French tells our newsroom,  “Once our firefighters finish a task, they go out to paramedics, they are assessed. They then move to a rehab centre on scene, where we have, fans, cooling chairs set up, trying to get their body temperature back down to a safe level.” Damage estimated at $325,000, the cause will be listed as undetermined due to the severe damage, while Deputy Chief Jeff French tells us they know it started in the kitchen. One injury reported, Deputy French says a firefighter got a mild electrical shock while fighting the fire, but after a quick assessment on scene, he was back in the fray within 15 minutes.