Five Finger Discount Suspect Caught on Camera

Laptop Taken Right Out Of Hock Shop Display Case

Seeking Identity of MaleBarrie Police are looking to lay charges on a guy who allegedly helped himself to some electronics. This one happened on January 11th, police say a suspect went into the hock shop at the Kozlov Mall and snatched a laptop right out of the display case. The suspect allegedly stuffed the device into a backpack and fled the scene, but not before being caught on store security. He is described as:

  • Male
  • white
  • 5’9″
  • slim build
  • 18 -21 yrs.


  • Pittsburgh Steelers winter jacket
  • black pants
  • black running shoes with white soles
  • black toque with green pompom on top.

Contact the Barrie Police Service if you can shed some light on whodunnit.