Five New Buses Coming to Orillia

Federal Infrastructure Funding to the Tune of $1.2mil To Go Towards New Equipment

Some new wheels hitting the streets of Orillia, thanks to the Federal government. As part of a funding announcement made in Brampton, the City of Orillia will receive just over $1.2 million from Canada’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. “The City of Orillia is very pleased to receive $1,257,526 in funding to help upgrade our transit system,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “We appreciate the partnership with the federal and provincial governments that allow our City to make necessary investments to improve our transit system. These new buses will improve the rider experience through enhanced accessibility, passenger comfort and reliability.” The money will go towards paying for five new transit buses and five automatic stop announcement systems. Three of these buses have been in the fleet since December, the other two will be ordered this year. The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund is a federally funded program, with input from the province, designed to provide up to 50 per cent of transit funding for a community.