Staying hydrated isn’t just something you have to worry about in summer. 

Especially if you tend to drink more alcohol this time of year, which tends to dehydrate you.  So here are five stats that might encourage you to drink an extra glass of water today.


1.  According to a recent poll, people who drink enough water are more likely to strongly agree they’re “very happy” with their life.  41% compared to just 12% of people who drink less than one glass of water a day.



2.  4 in 10 people who drink enough water described themselves as “optimistic” compared to just 10% who don’t drink enough.



3.  When you’re well-hydrated, you tend to have more energy.  People who average less than one glass of water a day wake up feeling exhausted an average of 3.1 days a week.  For people who do hydrate, it’s 2.6 times a week.

4.  People who drink plenty of water were less likely to say they’re late to work on a regular basis.



5.  How much ice you have on hand might affect how much you drink.  53% of people said they drink less water if they don’t have ice.