Five Things You Need To Know: September 27

Today's Top Stories

Police Seek ‘Swatting’ Suspect

Click here to find out how a Barrie family and police were ‘victimized’


Ill and injured soldiers being released too soon – Ombudsman

Click here for more on the ombudsman’s report on the military



Barrie bans exotic show animals

No more lions, tigers or elephants at the circus. Click here for details

Laura Bittner via Flickr

photo: Laura Bittner via Flickr

Highway signs have to go

Click here for more on Barrie City Council’s quest to get rid of illegal highway billboards


Not content with wheels on the ground, Uber wants to put vertical takeoff planes in the air: tech could be ready to take flight within the next decade

Click here for more


photo: DARPA via CNET