Flip Flops Can Be Dangerous

It's flip flop season!

We want summer to last as long as possible, which will probably involve wearing flip flops well into the chilly days of fall.


But one place where we should think twice about going open-toed and backless is in the car. 


According to a recent survey, our favourite summer footwear could be responsible for 1.4 million automobile accidents a year. 

Almost 60% say they often drive in footwear that’s unsuitable for driving, and 20% continue to drive in shoes they’ve nearly had an accident in. 


The biggest culprit? Flip flops, which a third of drivers admitted to driving in a poll. And what’s more, 27 percent of people admitted that the flimsy sandals had caused a driving mishap — and 7% blaming them for a near miss or an actual accident. (Self)