Flock Of Chickens ‘Wreak Havoc,’ Chase Customers At McDonald’s

Why'd the chicken cross the road?

A flock of chickens “wreaked havoc” at a New Jersey McDonald’s before two of the birds were captured by an animal control officer, police said.


The chickens were “harassing” and “chasing” drive-thru customers and also pecking at car tires at the McDonald’s on Route 31 South on Tuesday afternoon, according to Washington Township police.


A Warren County animal control officer responded to a call about the chickens, police said.


The officer was able to catch two chickens. The birds were taken to Warren County Animal Control, where they will be held for seven days before being put up for adoption.


“It was rumored that this activity might be in ‘response’ to McDonald’s plan of offering three new chicken sandwiches in the near future,” police quipped on Facebook.