‘Flush 2020’ Down The Can With Toilet Paper Featuring COVID-Inspired Slogans

It’s time to flush 2020 down the toilet!

Toilet manufacturer American Standard is celebrating the end of this horrific year with a fun toilet paper giveaway.


Given the year’s challenges and uncertainty, we are flushing the turmoil down the toilet and starting fresh with a clean start for the new year,” said Gene Barbato, vice president of marketing for American Standard in a press release. 


The unique toilet paper rolls are representative of a year plagued by a pandemic that led to a few toilet paper shortages.


The fun new rolls include phrases, determined by a survey, that people are tired of hearing. (We can all get behind “you’re on mute,” which has been said in every remote Zoom meeting since mid-March.)

The company noted that 875% of those surveyed said they wished they could erase the phrase “new normal” from their memory.

In short, the company is quite literally helping you “flush 2020.

Check out all the phrases etched into the paper below:

– COVID-19 – 87%)

– “New Normal” – 49%

– Canceled vacations – 41%

– Virtual everything – 34%

– Murder hornets – 32%

– Nasal swabs – 30%

– Missed parties – 24%

– “You’re on Mute” – 19%

-Birthday Caravans or car parades– 15%


Who doesn’t like a little toilet humour? American Standard will be giving away 450 customized rolls. The contest runs now through December 14, 2020.