This could save you money!

People are stockpiling ridiculous amounts of supplies and foods over fears that this virus will keep us under social isolation and indoors for months…

It’s worth remembering that Canada has one of the best food supply chains in the world and stores continue to be re-stocked daily.  That being said, did you know that there are several foods that you can freeze that perhaps you never knew you could?


For example, eggs (if you can find them). 

You can make foods like Yorkshire puddings and pancakes that will freeze up nicely in your ziplocks!  Even eggs themselves can be frozen- just remove the shell first!  You can make egg bites and freeze them too!  


Cheese you can freeze!

You can freeze cheese in blocks or grated if you want.  All types too, from mozzarella to parmesan.



Milk can be frozen, and this one may be common knowledge, just make sure its thawed before its used and give it a good shake also.


Bread- Freeze away


But if you’re going to freeze it, it’s recommended that you place in the fridge first for a few hours before the freezer to bring the temperature down slowly to ensure flavour doesn’t change or a change in colour.


Rice and Pasta

This is handy since most of us make too much food dinner anyways. For best results, place it into a flat baking tray and into the freezer.  Once totally frozen you can transfer into different containers.   To defrost, pour hot water over the rice or pasta and recook!


The best thing about freezing yogurt is that you don’t even need to defrost to eat. Instead, you’ve got ready-made frozen yogurt without leaving the house.  Heads up, some yogurts don’t freeze at well as others!