For First Time in 57 years, Asparagus-like Plant to Flower

A 57-year-old mystery will finally be solved!

The staff and visitors at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden in the UK are excited. An agave plant that they’ve had since 1962 is FINALLY flowering. They cannot tell which type of agave it is until it flowers, so the mystery will finally be solved. Once it flowers, that will be it! It will not flower again so this is pretty exciting!

The agave plant is best known as the plant from which you can make tequila. That particular agave is Agave tequilana, also known as blue agave. But, there are about 270 species of agave.

The flower stem for this particular yet-unknown species of agave in their ‘arid garden’ shot up over the weekend of June 22/23, 2019.

People have noticed that this plant’s flower stem looks like a giant asparagus!


The flower stem is growing at an amazing rate. On July 8th, it was over 3.3metres tall.


The staff at the gardens are anticipating that they may have to take part of the roof off in the greenhouse to accommodate the flower spike.




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 Title image: Sally Petitt/Twitter