Ford Appoints Candidates In Several Ridings – Including Barrie-Springwater-OroMedonte

Not everyone happy about it

Some chatter on social media about the appointment of local lawyer Doug Downey as the Conservative candidate in Barrie-Springwater-OroMedonte. Many are wondering what happened to the democratic process…wondering why others who expressed interest in seeking the nomination were not allowed due process in the matter. Downey was one of 11 candidate appointments made yesterday by party leader Doug Ford in what many believe was an effort to keep candidates with close ties to former leader Patrick Brown from running. “We have a strong team of candidates who are committed to delivering change that works for the people,” Ford said. Former Simcoe North MPP Garfield Dunlop had filed nomination papers in Barrie-Springwater-OroMedonte. He had given up the Simcoe North seat in favour of Brown. In his news release, Ford noted Downey has been “a Progressive Conservative organizer in Simcoe County for a number of years.” Springwater Councillor Sandy McConkey said on Twitter “Time to get the pulse of BSOMNation after @fordnation appoints candidate. It’s shocking when you do not even know the candidate…People are upset..they pay 10.00, encourage others to join the party and they can’t even vote. An embarrassment for those that push hard on membership sales. How do they expect to get volunteers and ask for money when they ignore the basic right of the grassroots?”

photo via Twitter