Fornite Is Suing A Montreal Game Tester, Claiming They Leaked The Game!

Don't mess with the game!

Epic games, the people behind Fortnite are said to be suing a Montreal game tester, alleging the tester violated his contract by leaking a new online map ahead of its release date.

The court documents says that the tester took a screenshot of a new playing environment back on August 30th while working on the game- two weeks later the image ended up on a Fornite Competitions social user forum. 

Epic games says; 

the leak “deprived the claimant of the element of surprise,” tipped off its competitors to its strategy and affected its reputation among its peers.

The company alleges the tester violated a non-disclosure agreement and is seeking yet-unspecified damages exceeding $85,000.

Fortnite has been a global phenomenon and a parent’s worst nightmare and currently has over 250 million downloads to date.