Fortnite Tutors Are Now Available

Kids are making $20 per/hr teaching other kids how to play

Parents are now enlisting video game tutors for their children to be the best at Fortnite!

If you have a kid, then you likely know all about Fortnite. The obsession is a giant problem for parents struggling to get kids off the games. But, there are some parents who are embracing it- kids want to be the best. And when a kid really wants to do something, you get them help…right?…right?

Until recently, the thought of hiring someone to help you become better at a video game was unheard of… now, people are getting help from hobbyists, older teens and aspiring professional gamers to get the upper hand on their pals…

Now, parents are looking for other kids who are great at Fortnite to teach their kids the skills. 12-year-olds are making $20 per hour teaching other kids who to beat the game….

According to the Wall Street Journal “Coaches can be found on social media or through contracting sites such as Gamer Sensei and Bidvine, which said it has hired out more than 1,400 “Fortnite” coaches since early March. Some coaches can’t believe parents want to sign up their children for lessons.”