Four In 10 People Wouldn’t Consider A Vegan Lifestyle For This Reason

"A" for effort!

Most people in a new survey say the vegan diet isn’t an option because they’d miss milk chocolate, creamy lasagne, and cheese too much.


48 percent would find life really difficult if they were to eliminate eggs from their diet entirely, while nearly a quarter couldn’t do without cream.


As January approaches, lifestyle changes are often made with new year’s resolutions!


It also emerged that if attempting Veganuary, the average person estimated they would only reach the 8th of January before succumbing to their old favourites like cheesecake or chicken curry.


Despite these concerns, a fifth are considering taking part in 2021.


These are the top foods that people would miss the most if they attempted a vegan diet!

1. Cheese

2. Eggs

3. Milk

4. Roast chicken

5. Fish and chips

6. Chocolate

7. Bacon sandwich

8. Bread

9. Pizza

10. Sausages