Fresh Prince Reunion? You to got be Beyonce for $299

Justin Bieber’s lawyers have swooped on websites posting naked photos of the pop superstar on […]

Justin Bieber’s lawyers have swooped on websites posting naked photos of the pop superstar on holiday in Bora Bora, threatening legal action if the candid shots are not taken down. The nude snaps of the well-endowed hunk started hitting the Internet on Wednesday, and the singer’s legal team has sent multiple cease and desist letters to news outlets that published them. The lawyers claim the photos were taken without Bieber’s knowledge, and they’re promising to sue if news bosses don’t comply.


Want a Fresh Prince Reunion? It won’t happen! Alfonso Ribeiro says that there will never be a TV reboot of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, because no one can take the place of their “cornerstone” James Avery. James Avery who played Uncle Phil, died on December 31, 2013… However, Alfonso admits he is not a fan of resurrecting the family comedy for a new run, because it will never match the “quality” of the original show.


You to can be Beyonce for a bargain price of $299…. Seems a little low for a lady who has a $5 million ring on her finger and a new $45 million mansion…. So how is this possible? That is what Matthew K Knowles is charging for a one day boot camp for any entertainment industry hopefuls, or anyone who wants to pay this clearly desperate man, $299. $299 will get you a private lunch and photo shoot with Mr. Knowles. He is also offering a $199 deal for those who just want the inside knowledge on how to be Beyonce. When you come out of the bootcamp however, it’ll probably go something like this…


Norm MacDonald has been announced as the host of the Canadian Screen Awards #March2016. A comic, writer, producer and actor, Macdonald is perhaps best known for his SNL run during the 1990s, including three years as anchor of the show’s popular Weekend Update segment. He also wrote for classic TV sitcom Roseanne and starred in the comedy The Norm Show. Quebec-born and raised in Ottawa, Macdonald is the brother of CBC journalist Neil Macdonald. The Canadian Screen Awards will take place in Toronto on March 13, 2016, airing live on CBC-TV


MOVIES OUT THIS LONG WEEKEND Pan, The Walk in wide release and Steve Jobs which is getting 91% on rotten tomatoes… Amy Schumer and the Weeknd are on SNL this weekend And on Sunday- the premier of Season 6- The Walking Dead!


T-Swift IS taking A Break Soon …Taylor Swift is planning to take a long break from music once her 1989 tour comes to an end.  December marks seven months on the road. It’s not just exhaustion, and not just wanting to spend more time with close friend and family. She admits her fans may get bored of her unless she steps away from the spotlight for a while. She’s done that before. Smart move.



 It’s been 15 years since they brought it.… The cast of “Bring it on” reunited for a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly… Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union and the rest of the cast stroll down memory lane…


Back to the Future II was written by lifelong Cardinals fan, Bob Gale, who “wanted to come up with one of the most unlikely scenarios” for predicting the 2015 World Series champion. Gale’s pick: the Chicago Cubs, who haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Well, the Cubs are actually in the post season, and began their prospective march to the World Series with a win over Pittsburgh in the NL Wild Card game last night.


Pepsi has found its latest spokeswoman: Tori Kelly. The singer stars in a new ad for the cola brand, becoming the first artist to sing the iconic “Joy of Pepsi” jingle since Britney Spears did it 15 years ago… Artists who have represented Pepsi include everyone from Michael Jackson to Nicki Minaj. In Tori’s particular commercial, she sings the Pepsi jingle on the subway and gets all of her fellow passengers to join in. She says she was given creative freedom to revamp the tune her own way.