Friends Play “The Floor is Lava” Goes Viral

Wanna play a game?

If you have any form of social media, you’ve probably seen these two friends who play the game “The Floor is Lava”.

If you’re not familiar with the game… Basically, someone calls out “The floor is lava!” and the other has 10 seconds to find something to jump on before ~the ground turns into lava~. Generally a game you can see kids playing at the park, living room, etc…


This kid has the right idea!

But best friends Kevin Freshwater and Jahannah James are bringing the game back as adults and it’s pretty epic!


Whats hilarious is that these two are doing this EVERYWHERE! Like while ordering food, shopping… The possibilities are endless and super funny.

Now everyone is playing this game and calling it the #Thefloorislavachallenge

Looks like fun to me!