Game On! In Downtown Barrie

City-Run Gaming Expo Showing Off Local Talent

The City of Barrie is getting serious about gaming. Game On! a new event put on by the city promises to showcase some of the local game development talent, technology and art, but we had to ask the city why it’d get involved in gaming, Creative Economy Director Karen Dubeau says it’s all part of her job.

She adds there will be professionals on hand to guide casual gamers towards more hardcore hardware.

The city says you can also expect to see:

·        Mario Kart 8 Competition, hosted by local YouTube channel, RekAllTheThings. Participants will have a chance at winning a $100 gift card, donated by The Source.

·        Place the Tetris high score of the day to win a gift basket of video game goodies, donated by Power Up Gaming.

·        Local video game developers will be showcasing their games and presenting talks about what it’s like working in the industry, and how interested parties can get involved.

·        Vendors will be onsite showcasing video game related artwork from handmade YART to 3D printed art pieces and more.

·        Custom built computers will be displayed on site for people to learn how they can build their own and what is involved in the process.

·        Video game stations will be set up for people to play, from classic retro games to new gen. games, courtesy of The Source and Power Up Gaming. The event will be open to all ages and free to attend