Get Paid To Sleep! There’s A Mattress Company Hiring “Snoozeterns”

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to sleep?

Mattress Firm is searching for a summer intern, or in their words a “snoozetern.” Those interns will be paid to test new products and provide feedback.

According to the Mattress company;

“Interns will also be required to create social media content, interview people and document their experience as the brand’s “sleep-flencer,” which is a spin on the word influencer.”


The full list of responsibilities include:


– Test out beds and create written and video reviews for the companys’ social platforms and

– Create regular video content about the Snoozetern experience for Mattress Firm’s social platforms

– Host Facebook Live events to give sleep tips and share favorite products

– Capture “Insta-worthy” photos around BEDQuarters for our social platforms

– Interview Mattress Firm employees to get sleep tips and tricks from the best, and share these tips through video and blog content

– Create video content interviewing Houston locals about their sleep habits

– Attend Mattress Firm events and capture photo/video content

Interns will be expected to work 30 hours per week, and the schedule can be based on availability during the work week. The internship will be based at BEDQuarters in Houston.

You must be 18 or older and you have until tomorrow to apply!

(May 3rd)