Getting Crafty at Creative Cafe

Creative Cafe opens at 10am Monday through Saturday

Interested in painting your own pottery but not sure what to expect? Yesterday we got a chance to experience Creative Cafe on Bryne Drive. As someone who loves crafts and painting, I couldn’t wait to get started!

IMG_8127 NEW

When we arrived we weren’t sure what we wanted to paint. But with tons of different types of pottery to choose from and binders full of ideas, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

IMG_8117 NEW

We decided to paint bowls, but there are tons of pottery types to choose from.

In addition to painting a keepsake for yourself, many people choose to do anniversary gifts, wedding mementos and even keepsakes for their newborns. Want to do a hand or foot print of your newborn? Children of all ages are welcome.


IMG_8128 NEW

There’s also a wide array of colours to choose from!

IMG_8120 NEW

And painting pottery is just the beginning! From Adult Clay Classes to an After School Art Club, there’s tons of ways to get your art on.

The only question left is… When’s the next time we can go??? We loved our experience and will be back soon.

Get the full list of events, workshops and services offered by Creative Cafe here