Giant Inflatable Boobs Are Popping Up All Over London!

To Encourage a conversation on breastfeeding in public!

If you’re travelling through Westminster taking in the sights, you may noticed something a little odd about its skyline right now!

Four giant inflatable boobs have been placed on top of low raise buildings as part of a campaign to fight the stigma around breastfeeding and pumping in public.  Just like in real life, the boobs vary in size from three metres to six metres tall and represents different skin tones also.

Elvie, a tech firm specilising in products for London, put the boobs in place as part of their #FreeTheFeed campaign to empower women to feel safe and comfortable breastfeeding or pumping anytime, anywhere and encourage the British public to support them.

There was a similar campaign in Amsterdam!  The ones in Amsterdam were floating in the water!

The campaign is called the #Freethefeed and is an invitation to everyone to stand with all those women that have felt shamed or confined when breastfeeding or pumping.