Girl Scout Uses Shirtless Image Of Jason Momoa To Sell Cookies!

What a smart cookie!

A Colorado- based girl scout printed photos of a shirtless Jason Momoa on the boxes of cookies and they are selling like hot cakes!

The Cookies are actually called Samoas and are now one of the top selling girl scout cookies as little Charlotte changed the name to Momoas!  Brilliant!

Charlotte Holmberg, a Girl Scout in the fifth grade from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, may exceed her reputation as her troop’s Top Cookie CEO — the title a Girl Scout can earn for selling a lot of cookies.

In 2018, Charlotte sold more than 2,000 boxes. And now she is upping the ante, clearly!

With the help of mom, Charlotte reprinted the classic cookie box with a large picture of Aqua Man on the front with the title “Momoas” then putting the image on social media to grab the attention of hungry moms everywhere!

Of course some took to social media to express their concern about the image, calling the shirtless hunk inappropriate! Bigger picture, a brilliant marketing campaign from a grade 5!

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