Glamping Essentials

It's Camping in comfort with some accessories...

Make no mistake, I’m not made of money so this isn’t about being luxurious. It’s about key comforts and amenities necessary to ensure my wife will continue to want to go camping…

Therefore ‘Glamping Essentials’ required are as follows:

  • Trailer/RVThis is most important as my wife refuses under any condition to sleep in a tent. Which means we arrive with on board bathroom, shower, refrigerator, bed, closet space and a furnace. A cold wife is an unhappy wife.

  • Hairdryer Draw the line at makeup though, camping should never require makeup.

  • BarbecueI enjoy a slow cooked steak over the fire pit but when you’re hungry, you don’t always have time for that.

  • CoolerEven though your food is chilling nicely in the fridge, keep beer & wine separately.
  • Good Foldout ChairsThe Giant Tiger camping chairs barely make it through a weekend, spend a little more for ones that last.

  • Camping MatYou aren’t always blessed with a spot on green grass.