Gluten Is Everywhere!

Things you may not know contains gluten.

Whether its a health choice or medical choice, following a gluten-free diet can be hard!  Gluten is found is so many foods, but did you know its also common in your everyday household items?  You will find it in everything from condiments (such as soy sauce and mustard) to things around the house (such as shampoo and playdough).


Playdough Coeliac UK advises that most shop-bought playdough is made from wheat flour. While it shouldn’t absorb through the skin, young children are prone to neglecting hand-washing, which can be a problem. Make your own instead – there are loads of tutorials to help you easily make gluten-free play dough.



Apparently many condiments contain flour to thicken them up!





malt vinegar is made from barley malt extract, which contains gluten (however, if it contains very low levels, it can still be classified as ‘gluten-free’).



Sushi and noodle

dishes Soy sauce can contain gluten, which means sushi and pot noodles can contain gluten even if they use non-gluten ingredients like rice noodles.



Many shampoos contain gluten. For most of us, it isn’t a massive problem (unless you’re prone to eating your hair).



You’d think spices would be natural, but many contain added wheat as a filler.



Many varieties may use barley malt which contains gluten… It’s very common for sleep teas…


Dog food


Yes, I know you’re not prone to munching on dog food, but I was quite surprised when I was advised to switch my dog to a gluten-free diet by my groomer when I complained her skin was dry and itchy.