GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: A Small Bundle Of Joy Has Arrived In Australia!

This is both a heartwarming and a Koalaity post.


Even when the world feels horrid, it’s stuff like this that’ll keep us going.

The Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, Australia has a new arrival. It’s one that means the world to not only the zoo, but to the entire country.

Just months after wildfires destroyed 30% of the koala population and caused thousands of damage to the land, a ray of hope has appeared.

Meet the park’s newest little bean, Ash. She’s the first Koala joey to be born post-wildfires.

The park has remarked that Ash is a sign of hope for the future of Australia’s wildlife, and no more truer words have been spoken.

Check out the heartwarming video and keep your head up!

We’re all in this together.