Granny Panties Are In And Thongs Are Out!

So much for that "less is more" thing!

Sorry, Sisqo!

A trend that every woman can get behind (literally)

Granny panties, anything but sexy…right? But it appears that granny panties are just granny panties anymore!

Young women are saying no to the dental floss undies, turning away from the sexy, skimpy lingerie style in favour of a bit more coverage.

And all the major labels are on board offering up their own version of your Gran’s undies…

Calvin Klein is offering up cotton boy shorts for $22

You can get those old school silk-like granny panties on Amazon for $14 for a set of 5!

Even Spanx has come to the rescue with their shaping panties, seamless boy shorts for $22!


High-cut briefs are cool and retro at the same time and are covering up more women than ever before!