‘Grease’ Was Released 42 Years Ago This Week – It’s Now Playing at Sunset Barrie Drive-In

Date Night?

It was June 16th of 1978 when a movie about two High School Seniors in love opened in theatres.

To mark the movie anniversary the Sunset Barrie Drive-In is giving us a movie date night experience by featuring ‘Grease’ all this week!

Tuesday June 16th to Thursday June 18th

Screen 1:
Sonic the Hedgehog PG 9:15 PM
Grease PG 11:45 PM

Movie Fun Facts:

  • Grease was shot on a $6 million budget (that wouldn’t even cover John Travolta’s salary for a film today)
  • It became a box-office smash generating $400 million
  • Henry Winkler turned down the role of Danny Zuko, which went to John Travolta
  • Marie Osmond and Susan Dey said no to playing Sandy, which went to Oliva Newton John
  • HBO Max is working on a Grease TV spinoff series, it’ll be a prequel to the movie, based on the musical called, Grease: Rydell High