Greene Family Lights ‘Flip the Switch’ on Saturday

The sky in Angus is about to be lit

Get the kids in the van and head to 4 Berkar St. in Angus this Saturday!

Greene Family Lights is bigger than ever…

  • 4 Houses
  • Roof top jumbotron
  • 850,000+ LED lights
  • The entire show is synchronized to music

On Saturday, November 30th the Greene Family will ‘Flip the Switch’ for this year’s first unveiling.

  • Donations made will go towards Essa Fire Dept.
  • Essa Fire Dept will be on location
  • Santa Claus will be there
  • Free hot chocolate
  • Buy LED light sticks

The Greene Family Lights display is spectacular, (I don’t know how their neighbours sleep at night) but this is a Holiday Season joy to see for all ages.

Here is a sample…