Grocery Store Flowers Ranked

The best bloom for you buck.

There’s nothing quite like a custom bouquet of flowers but sometimes, you just want to pick up some blooms with a quick trip to the grocery store. Here is my ranking of the “best bloom for your buck”, based on price and how long the flowers will last.

1) Orchids

You can get an orchid plant from $8 for a tiny one to $30 for a big one. I haven’t had much luck keep the tiny ones alive but the medium and large ones have blooms for over a month and, if you just follow the instructions, you could see them bloom for years!

2) Carnations

You can get a good two weeks out of carnations and a deep fuchsia bunch in a white vase looks so nice! I love the scent of carnations, too. You can get bunches from $8 – $10 or 3 for $20. They’re usually called ‘growers bunch’ or in the ‘make your own bouquet’ section.

3) Potted Mums

You can get a potted mum in spring time for $8 – $20. These last if you water them properly. They can also be transplanted outside and will keep blooming all summer.


4) Sunflowers

These are seasonal but when you can get them, enjoy the big bright blooms for a good 2 weeks. They cost about $7 – $15 each bunch.

5) Mixed Bouquets

These bouquets, from $10 to $25, are nice because, as certain flowers die, you just take them out and have a different bouquet every couple days. Look for ones with sturdy flowers like gerbera daisy and carnations along side the more delicate roses.

6) Roses

Roses are red
Roses are purple
Roses will wilt and die
even if you’re careful

But, boy, roses really are beautiful. They don’t last very long compared to carnations but, sometimes, delicate roses are just what you want.

7) Various potted plants

Because many of thee plants don’t have blooms, they are at the bottom of the list.

Ferns and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe) are very popular in grocery store flower shops.  In the above image, you see both together. Kalanchoe, on its own, is also popular. They are pretty and last quite a while but I’ve never had one bloom again. But, then again, I’ve never followed THESE instructions.


What are your favourite cut flowers?