Gwyneth Paltrow Jokes About Sex Life With Her Husband…

Kidding, not kidding!

Gwyneth and her husband Brad Falchuk spent the first part of their marriage living apart in an effort to give their children from previous relationships time to adjust to the new family dynamic.


The new blended family has been under one roof since last summer, but Paltrow fears that living together may have some negative impacts on their sexy time….


“So our sex life is over,” she joked to Harper’s Bazaar about moving in with Falchuk.  -But is she really joking?   Paltrow admits, that many of her friends were jealous of her situation, always telling her to keep things as is… “Don’t move in together” they’d say.


Now Paltrow is trying to find other ways to keep the magic of their romance alive: “I think it (living separately) certainly helps with preserving mystery and also preserving the idea that this person has their own life.   So this is something I’m trying to remain aware of now as we merge together.”

Paltrow and Falchuk have four kids under one roof now.  Each having two from previous relationships.