Gwyneth Paltrow Launching ‘the goop lab’ on Netflix

Six Episode Series from Controversial Lifestyle Brand starts January 24th

Movie Star Gwyneth Paltrow, daughter of an actress mother and film producer father, started her GOOP brand in 2008. It started as a “lifestyle brand” with weekly emails providing unproven advice like ‘Eliminate white food’. In 2011, GOOP was incorporated.

The brand has a website, a print magazine, a podcast and a “wellness summit” all the while selling very expensive items from clothes to the controversial Jade Eggs (which were purported to have some sort of magical power as you stuck them up your lady bits!?.)

Well, now you can get even more GOOP on Netflix. Starting January 24th, you can binge watch, or not, 6 episode of the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow [sic].

GOOP has been taken to task for many things, including the exorbitant price of the items they feature in their online store and repeating already debunked ideas like underwires causing breast cancer. Read more here.

The show will cover things like Energy Healing, Psychedelics, Cold Therapy, Psychic Mediums and Orgasms.

Check out the trailer:


If you watch this new GOOP product, you may want to watch Dr. Jen Gunter on CBC’s GEM . CLICK HERE

Dr. Gunter has called out GOOP many times for their pseudoscience and dangerous advice, like the aforementioned Jade Egg controversy.