Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Holiday Guide Is Out!

The Ridiculous but awesome gift guide of 2020!

Who wants a $1,995 Ouija Board?


It’s time for Gwyneth to grace us with her annual holiday picks off her website and it includes expensive toilet paper and an Ouija board.


Goop is capitalizing on quarantine as a statement from the site says, “meet the needs of today: less travel and more snacks, self-care, and booze. And yes, puzzles galore.”

The Ouija Board offers “hand-poured, glitter-bombed acrylic” while the washroom product, called No.2 toilet paper – priced at $34 – is “Toilet paper with a conscience (it’s made of 100% sustainable bamboo), an eye for style (note the chic dark floral packaging), and a silky, smooth texture that’s gentle on skin”.


Other ridiculous items include a vulva colouring book, A bun lamp and lights, made from real bread. 

There is also a watermelon bag, designed to carry around a large watermelon and a $7,500 home birthing chair.


A holiday favourite is back for this season-the famous “This Smells Like My Vagina Candle,”  and introducing the “this smells like my vagina” perfume!


The Guide!