Hair-Freezing Contest Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

Meanwhile in the Yukon...

I kind of want to go to the Yukon now because I’m pretty sure I would win this contest!

A hot springs in Whitehorse, Takhini Hot Pools is having a hair-freezing contest. Basically you just go in the hot springs, make sure it’s cold enough outside (around -20 C), dunk your head in, come out and morph your hair into a cool shape.

Stay frosty ❄ ! #experience #level99 #hotspring #takhinihotsprings #whitehorse #Yukon

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It is beyond what I expected #takhinihotsprings #whitehorse #yukon #frozenhair #vacation #ilovehere

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The best hair-do I’ve ever had #johnybravo #-41 #takhinihotsprings #yukonwinter

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The company says, “The most important part of this contest is having hair. Lots of it. Then it’s only a small exercise in patience before you have a nice frozen hairdo.”

Well I definitely have a lot of hair…look!

I think Scandinave Spa should have a contest like this. In the meantime, excuse me while I book a trip to the Yukon!

Main Image via Facebook /  Takhini Hot Pools