Half Of Adults Think Their Next Vacation Will Be The Best One Yet!

Millions have spent lockdown dreaming and planning the perfect getaway!

According to a study, half of the adults think their next holiday will be “the most important of their lives.”


Those who participated in the survey reveal it will be at least two weeks and included at least nine hours of sunshine a day, with the temperature around 28 degrees.


The dream holiday will also feature white sandy beaches, a luxury hotel with a huge pool, cocktails, and friendly staff.

The top places people would like to vacation, are Greece and Italy.


The research also found that holidaymakers want direct access to the beach from their hotel, a big-screen TV, a games room, gym, and a hot tub.


The survey found that the main reasons people want to get away next year or as soon as possible are they desperately need a break and want to feel the sun on their skin and to switch-off.