Halle Berry joins social media!

The Quote “Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me… I’m looking […]

The Quote “Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me… I’m looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect my emotions and perceptions. “….and she want to share it topless…. Cause this is the first pic we got from Halle Berry who just launched social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and instagram….. (insert pic) Halle picked a provocative photo of herself topless from behind to kick off her online presence. Halle, who dared to bare all in the movie Swordfish, kept her back to camera in the shot, which appeared to be taken during a walk in the forest.


Actress Patty Duke-mother of actor Sean Astin has died.… She played identical twins in a ’60s sitcom, but made history with the role of Helen Keller in ”The Miracle Worker,” becoming the then-youngest Oscar winner at age 16. Duke became a major advocate for mental health awareness after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1982…


A guy claiming to be William Shatner’s love child is suing the actor for $170 million. Peter Sloan insists the Star Trek actor is his dad after he had a brief fling with his mother, late Canadian actress Kathy McNeil, who gave him up for adoption at the age of five. But the 85-year-old star, who has three daughters, all in their 50‘s now from his first marriage to Gloria Rand, insists he has nothing to do with the radio host.


A bride-to-be unsuccessfully sued TLC’s hit show Say Yes to the Dress for airing an episode featuring her shopping for a gown before her wedding day. Alexandra Godino, 26, was asked by Kleinfeld Bridal to fill in at the last minute for a no-show bride in September and agreed on the condition that the episode wouldn’t air before her May 6 wedding… The episode is scheduled to air this Friday…. A Manhattan judge ruled in favor of the series on Thursday, noting nothing in the written contract specified this date agreement and pointing out that Godino could simply ask her fiancé, hockey player Jeff May, not to watch the episode.


I Love the 90’s tour..… Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Kid ‘N Play and Salt-N-Pepa are just a few of the acts set to play many of their Nineties hits on the tour. Other artists include Biz Markie, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, Rob Base, Tone Loc, Young MC and Kool Moe Dee…. No Canadian dates so far…..