Halloween Party at the House Where ‘Scream’ Was Filmed

Throwing it back to the 90's with 'Screamoween'

Since EVERYTHING from the 90’s has been on fire this year, why not throw a Halloween bash at the actual house where the Wes Craven 1996 Horror Classic, “Scream” was made?

The home is located outside Santa Rosa, California. Only 150 tickets have been made available.


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We’re getting super close to our SCREAMOWEEN Bash! Visit SCREAMOWEEN.net for tickets!

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Tickets are $199, party-goers will be able to roam the halls of the 5 bedroom house where Ghostface terrorized Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) and her friends.

A cash bar and catered food will be available, but you might want to avoid going out to the garage, (it was a nasty scene when someone tried to escape through the doggy door.)

Homeowners actually live on the property so you’ll have to wear provided booties and not drink any red wine inside.

The current owners only rent out the home for an occasional wedding, so this is being billed as the last party at the original Scream house!


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I had my website revamped. Each film has its own page. SCREAM – http://www.wescraven.com/film/scream/ You like?

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