Hanson Has a New Christmas Album

Hurray! Now -Snowed In- won't be my only Christmas album!

Ok, I’m kidding. I have more than just one Christmas music album but, for a very long time, Snowed In by Hanson really was my only Christmas album. I was probably 20 before I got around to buying some other Christmas music.

Snowed In is still one of my favourites though.

Wasn’t the picture on the back cover adorable?

Here’s what Christmas with Hanson sounded like 20 years ago:

Just hearing that makes me want to go home and play the album even though it’s not even November.

And this is what Christmas with Hanson sounds like now:


New, original Christmas music, you guys! And it’s from my favourite trio, Hanson.

Also, they have a Christmas concert in Toronto on my birthday, November 24th. So… I’m going to buy tickets for that now…. if there are any left!

See ya!