Happiness Can Be Genetic, So Most Of Us Are Screwed!

Don't worry, be happy!

According to a psychotherapist Susan Zinn, happiness is mostly determined at birth. Close to 40% of human happiness is a result of good genes, she says.


This claim is backed by research published in 2016 in the Journal of Happiness Studies.  The study says that genetic influences account for 32-40% of the overall happiness.


The gene is 5-HTTLPR in case you want to do a genetics test to see if you have it.

However, having this happy gene doesn’t promise a person a content life.  The study says it comes down to nurture, not nature.  This means it’s completely possible to rewire your brain for happiness.


The experts say it’s no different than when deciding what to wear or what food to order. What determines a happy existence, lucky genes, or not! There are three main parts: 


How satisfied you are with your life, how engaged you are with daily activities — from your relationships to your job and how much purpose you feel you have.


One study suggests being more spontaneous!